What is the typical investment required to open a fun, exciting Great Harvest Bread Co. bakery cafe?





Initial Franchise Fee  
Expenses While Training  
$1,936 - $26,031
Real Estate & Improvements  
$2,156 - $289,930
$60,050 - $209,881
Opening Inventory
(Ingredients & Supplies)
$5,870 - $34,275
Exterior Signage
$1,797 - $19,675
Grand Opening Advertising  
Prepaid Expenses
(City, County, State, Landlord)
$1,481 - $18,220
Organizational Costs
(Legal, Utilities)
$680 - $28,365
Working Capital
(Cash Reserves)
One Month's Rent  
$3,130 - $10,800



$202,426 - $571,295*



* The total actual investment is a range of actual investments, and is not the sum of the numbers in the above table.

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Franchise Costs Questions & Answers

Individual needs and desires may vary. For instance, size of territory, square footage of space, rent per square foot and level of mechanization desired.

When looking at how you will finance a business there are different options for you to consider. Our franchisees are using the following ideas, or a combination of them, in order to obtain adequate financing. 

Your local bank or a SBA approved lender: Banks still want to lend money and franchising is a favorable option. They know there is a proven track record, training systems in place, and continued support from the franchisor. Great Harvest franchisees are eligible for an expedited and streamlined SBA loan processing through the SBA's Franchise Registry Program. Go to the Franchise Registry website for more information.

We have two resources that can assist you with securing financing through your lending institution:

The Bank Credit Report ™ is compiled by Frandata, a third party. The report looks at a franchise brand’s actual performance history to create a comprehensive standardized credit risk analysis that allows lenders to underwrite loans with better data. The results are more approvals and better terms for franchisees.

We may also refer you to FranFund. FranFund is a Total Funding Solution for franchising and small businesses. FranFund searches the marketplace for the best options to fund your franchise or independent business, and then provides you with one or more capitalization solutions based on your individual needs and goals. FranFund does the homework, the legwork and the paperwork so you can focus on growing your business. 

Retirement fund roll-overs: Invest in yourself by using your 401K or retirement funds. There are companies, such as Guidant Financial and BeneTrends, which specialize in administering these accounts. There is no early withdrawal penalty with this type of roll-over.

Self-financing: Have you received a severance package? Instead of looking for your next career move, invest in yourself and open your own small business.

Family members: We have seen a number of occasions when family members were willing to invest or gift the start-up monies needed to make your dream come true. We encourage you to clearly define your payment plan so there are no misunderstandings in the future. (You don't want to make future Thanksgiving dinners worse than they need to be!)