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As a Great Harvest owner, you can go where Panera can't. You can build a successful bakery cafe in towns too small to support Panera's minimum investment, and you can put your store on Main Street where their layouts won't fit. Wherever you go, you will be in a position to out-bake and out-local your competition — no matter who they are — with products that you bake from scratch daily, from the best-tasting wheat in the world, grown in Montana's Golden Triangle. 

We have lots of available markets, and our franchises are demonstrably profitable across the country, in smaller cities like Owensboro, KY; Nashua, NH; Temecula, CA; and Greenville, NC. We've proven you don't have to be in the biggest metropolitan area to build a thriving business. You just need to make and sell a great product. Like our delicious line of foods, which are designed to be as fresh and nutritious as they are tasty. To help you grow your bakery cafe, we've built a successful, locally-oriented business model with the collective experience of hundreds of individual Great Harvest owners.

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Our Numbers Tell the Story

Over forty years of franchising, we have evolved from being a bread bakery, to serving sandwiches for take-out, to now becoming a full-fledged bakery cafe. Currently, there are over 30 bakery cafes in our system, operating in a smaller footprint than a big box fast casual restaurant, with seating for at least 35 people.

Here's how our bakery cafe franchises perform:

  Average Cost to Open Annual Average Sales* Annual Average Profit ($)* Annual Average Profit (%)*

One Bakery Cafe

$394,193 $747,431 $125,564 15%

Many of the stores in our franchise system are bakeries which don't offer 35 seats. Bakery cafes differ from bakeries in these ways:  size of the store (bakery cafes are bigger); design aesthetic (our newest stores are fresh, modern, rustic and industrial); and depth and breadth of menu (bakery cafes serve  salads, hot and cold sandwiches, soup and espresso), providing tempting menu options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even post-soccer practice family dinners. 

* Great Harvest average Sales and Profits reflect the actual average annual gross sales and average annual EBITDA for the year 2017 for 18 franchise bakery cafes that opened on or before January 1, 2016. Of the 18 franchised bakery cafes, 6 exceeded the average sales of $747,431. Of the 18 franchised bakery cafes, 8 exceeded the EBITDA of $125,564. Of the 18 franchised bakery cafes, 10 exceeded the average EBITDA percentage of 15%. A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk. This offering is made by prospectus only.  



Work/Life Balance and Flexibility

If you want to know what really sets us apart, it has to be the Freedom Franchise and our unique Bread Business model. Great Harvest stands for traditional business principles like phenomenal quality, great customer service, and creating thriving and profitable businesses. But it’s also about values like having fun, work/life balance, and giving back ─ values that are constantly pursued from the very top of our organization. Because of that, and the relative flexibility of our Freedom Franchise model, Great Harvest attracts an exceptional caliber of franchisees. These small business owners and their employees embody the Great Harvest Mission Statement every day in their own local neighborhood bakeries.

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People Are Drawn to Great Harvest From All Walks of Life 

Engineers, computer systems administrators, teachers, lawyers, sales people, corporate managers and UPS drivers are just a few examples. All of them were yearning for control, flexibility and meaningful work. Ultimately, they connected with a bread franchise that is centered on three core things: real food, real people, and real business. They all saw the appeal of a business model that had more flexibility and fewer limitations than a traditional franchise, but that still carried less risk than an independent start-up. 


"I left corporate America because I wanted to regain my voice and be able to adjust to the needs of my business and customer. Now, I have the ability to make a decision and put it into action instead of going through levels of management and waiting.” — Jon Rasmussen, Great Harvest Owner, Delafield, WI


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