Our Bread Business Philosophies

Our Mission Statement

Be Loose and Have Fun.
Bake Phenomenal Bread.
Run Fast to Help Customers.
Create Strong & Exciting Bakeries.
And Give Generously to Others. ®

This is a photo of a man kneading 2 loaves of Great Harvest bread.
Photo of a loaf of Great Harvest bread

We Are Bread Heaven

The aroma of our fresh baked bread draws people in for a free slice. We make our bread from scratch every day using carefully selected wheat grown in Montana's Golden Triangle. The wheat is freshly milled in each bakery for superior flavor and nutrition. Every loaf is made with simple ingredients in tempting combinations of flavors and textures. We bake bread the slow way, without shortcuts, so it will taste better than any other.

Sandwiches where the outside is as good as the inside

Finally, the outside of the sandwich gets the attention it deserves. Why should the inside get all the credit when it's the bread that actually makes it a sandwich? At Great Harvest, we make better sandwiches by helping customers choose the perfect bread to enhance the flavor of their sandwich -- like no one else can.

great harvest employee rolling out dough on a table
photo of the lobby of a Great Harvest bakery cafe

Freedom Franchise

If you look at most franchises, they began when some smart person figured out a way to make some money by writing a recipe down and inviting others to copy it. The great thing about these sorts of franchises is that they aren't very risky for the person joining the franchise. The business is, after all, proven.

Most franchises of this variety require owners to do things the franchise’s way, with little or no variation. Cookie cutter-style. That's because the franchisor is trying to build a national brand, the foundation of which is consistency. The problem with this sort of franchise, if you're an entrepreneur-type, is that they aren't very much fun.

At the other end of the spectrum is starting up and running your own independent startup. There you have all the freedom in the world to create this thing just the way you want, but you're flying solo, with no one else to lean on. That's why so many start-ups fail.

We provide an alternative with some of the advantages of a traditional franchise and some of the fun of a "let's-do-it-all-ourselves" start-up. Our philosophy is simple: let's create unique neighborhood bakery cafes that are a reflection of the Great Harvest brand and the bakery cafe owner. We are no cookie cutter franchise. We are a freedom-based, healthy franchise that encourages excellence and individuality (not to mention a spirit of fun and generosity).

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