Where Can You Open a Bakery Cafe?

Is the area you are considering within 15 miles of another Great Harvest franchise?

Use our Bakery and Cafe Locations page to check current Great Harvest locations.

If there is not a Great Harvest franchise within 15 miles, then it's most likely available. However, the new bakery cafe location also has to be viable. We use demographic criteria to determine if a town is potentially viable. Generally, we're looking for areas with at least 30,000 people. 

If there is a Great Harvest franchise within 15 miles, contact us to explore your options. Great Harvest now offers territory splits in many markets. There is still a reasonable expectation that we can work with the neighboring territories to fit your new bakery cafe in.  


Not sure if you can open a bakery cafe in your area?

If you are not sure whether your area is available and viable, please contact us with up to three intersections of major streets with corresponding zip codes (ex: Idaho St. and Glendale St., 59725) which represent retail areas in your town. These intersections are just geographic points for us to plot on a map and do not need to correlate with locations that are available for lease.


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