Investment Information for Multi-Unit Franchising

Our numbers speak for themselves. Here are the average costs and profits for our multi-unit franchises:

  Cost to Open 1 Annual Avg. Sales 2 Annual Avg. Profit% 2
Two Stores
(1 Hub & 1 Spoke)
$558,000 $1,563,162 14.98%

You can own three Great Harvest bakery cafes for as little as $35,000 in franchise fees. 

Territory Size 1st Store 2nd Store 3 3rd Store 3 Total
50,000 people $35,000 $15,000 $15,000 $65,000

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For more detailed financial information, download the latest version of Franchise Disclosure Document:

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Based upon actual experience as disclosed in Item 7 of our 3/2/18, amended 7/1/18, FDD for hubs based upon 13 actual bakery cafes. The Spoke number is the Actual Hub adjusted for 3 items. 10 The franchise fee is lower for a spoke. 2) Required equipment cost is lower for a spoke. 3) The size, and this the real estate cost, is lower for a spoke..

2 Based upon actual experiences, as disclosed in Item 19 in our 3/2/18, amended 7/1/18, FDD,  for new concept Hub & Spoke operations, of which there are 3 pairs.  Of the 3 pairs, one or 33% exceeded the average combined sales of $1,563,162 (for the calendar year 2017); two or 67% exceeded the average operating margin of 17.36% (for the calendar year 2016.)