Dennis and Marian Cihacek

Dennis and Marian Cihacek

Omaha, Nebraska | Opened First Bakery in 1994

"We left corporate America and have never looked back. We love being the 'bread man (or bread lady).' People stop us everyday to express their gratitude for our great bread, our fun store, and the fact that we are so involved in this community. Great Harvest has been a wonderful example to our children that when you give, it comes back to you— ten fold!"

Bill and Nancy Cunningham Great Harvest Bread Franchise Owners

Bill and Nancy Cunningham

McMinnville, OR | Opened Bakery in 2008

"In the past few years we've looked for a small business that involves having fun, supporting the community and generally helping others. We wholeheartedly support the natural offerings of wholesome foods that this franchise provides to our future customers. When we lived in Salem, Oregon we stopped by the Great Harvest bakeries and enjoyed the varieties of bread, pastries, cookies and Peet's Coffee. The enjoyable atmosphere and conversation is one not easily found in businesses, and is a nice way to start the day."

Listen to an interview with Bill about his experience of owning and operating a Great Harvest bakery within his community.

Meet Bill in McMinnville, OR

Mike and Julie Scheel

Mike and Julie Scheel

Salem, Oregon | Opened First Bakery in 1989

"Even though Great Harvest is a franchise, it affords us the opportunity to own a business that truly feels like our own creation, and not just a small cog in someone else's big wheel. We make our own decisions about location, bakery decor, makeup of the menu, and many other details that would be made for us by most franchise companies. We have the freedom to run our own stores, yet help from the franchise company or fellow owners is available when we need it. Great Harvest has the best bread, the best bakery concept, AND the best franchising arrangement."

Sheri & Matt Salis

Sheri & Matt Salis

Denver, Colorado | Purchased Bakery in 2004

"When we decided to leave the corporate world behind and go into business for ourselves, the decision between a franchise and an independent business start-up was a very difficult one. While we had significant business experience and confidence in our philosophy of doing that which is "right" come what may, we lacked the knowledge to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. On the other hand, we were completely turned off by the controlling influence of the franchisor in the vast majority of traditional franchise systems we encountered. This is why the Great Harvest system is perfect for us. The franchise team and other Great Harvest owners offer tremendous support and guidance while the system allows owners all of the freedom in the world to run their business and live their dream."

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